Welcome to XMR.beauty!

XMR.Beauty is paid for by the users, that is why if you like our services, or if you want us to add new ones like a XMR or TOR node, please, buy our VPN/Mail services or send any XMR quantity to the address below, even the smaller donations are appreciated.

86dxDGqon4cYtnpCWnW8kygB1yynbTesbHt9SyCF7R5gAb1M9X3g2Sd9jkcczpiearFm5PEaScPKaZJgWpNkTWnqL4UzZek Bitcoin QR code




ahmed@xmr.beauty (main email address, don't use Gmail)
ahmed@xmr.homes (more active email)
@alpharabius@matrix.org (Matrix)
@Abogemaal (Telegram)

PGP key; Here


(Searx Instance)
(Searx Hidden Service)
(Invidious Instance)
(Invidious Hidden Service)
(Hidden Service Mirror)

VPN and mail services for a yearly fee of ~8$ xmr
we take gold and cash too.
Made with love by Big Man (Shonion) And Ahmed